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Thursday, 7 May 2015.

The apstle Pavel authorized this passage, in which he uses a detailed narrative description to share his thoughts. Paul narrows down Corinth’s Christians, how they should behave in marriage, and before marriage as an institution

In this excerpt 1-2, Paul highlights sexuality as an aspect:

Obviously, Paul writes in response to a letter writer by the Christian of Corinthian. The answer is therefore a letter. It’s not nice, Paul says marriage isn’t good for a man. However, there is no reason why he should be given a strict application. The apogee that a man must have his own wife for sexual concat, and each woman must have her husband (Ellis)

Paul uses a literal style, and that’s his personality. He represented him as a principal and ox man, which is a control with the control of society. It also uses the colloquial style because it uses “you” when addressing the audience. This indicates the flow of messages between the auditence and the author Help for you

Paul talks about her hubs’s wives and duties in a marriage of three to six

In these verses, Paul givers directions on the behavior of his wives and huslands. He strangely states that the body of a person does not belong to them alone. It also belongs to his partner in marriage. According to the statement, Paul impliped that couples were responsible with each other on the impact of sex and that they should not deny each other their conjugal rights

 Care, Paul condemns the meeting/decency by chooting the words that will be used in the passage. He uses the following words: “then come together again again so that Satan does not seduce you for pack of self-control.” In version 6, he completes his work, telling the audience that this is not a team, but an admonment for them

Judging by the way Paul uses the literal style, it’s obvious that sex is not considered to be wrong in marriage for Christians. However, Paul notes that Satan uses a strategy why he encourages couples to participate in additional conjugals. It is also possible to consider that the apostle is considered the sex of the marriage because it was a control issue, and possibly a divorce during that time

In the next aisle (Verses 7-9), Paul shares the advantages of being the only one at a time when it comes to marriage, which he all calls a gift from God

Here, Paul uses a control style, saying, “I want all men to be just like me …” This is the time when Paul’s life was dedicated to the service of God. It’s therefore belongs to an unmarked category. Paul points out that unmarried people are the best

Never, it is not posed on the idea of being one in the audience. Intead, he notes that every person has a gift from God. From the point of view of gifts from God, at James 1:17, the Scripture says: “Every good and perfect gift is superior, starting with the Father of the healed light that does not change as shooting shadows.” Paul points out that Christians are guaranteed good gifts with the help of the unchanging nature of God and in the reference to this case, there are people who have the gift of marriage, and others are gifted to remain unchanging

It is worth acting that Paul uses style in writing because he calls for unmarried and windows

In-verses 10 to 11 Paul is responsible for the seation and divorce between Christian couples

Pavel uses literal style in colloquial tone, but there are cases when he uses sterness in his statements. It is also an authoritative body in previous statements.  Paul is changing the subject of discussion to decide whether to be unmarried or married, and now he is debating the issue of distribution and division. These poems point to the transition, depicting Paul’s organization in terms of literal works

Paul points to “marriage” because he ordered couples to avoid separation or divorce strictly. Never, he added that if married couples were to be separate from each other, they should be agreed or remain unmarried. This points to the haped of God for divorce and that he is a support of marriage. The problem of divorce and marriage is the connection with the last writing, in which God only on the ball of sex morality (Matthew 19: 3-9)

This command was given by Jesus when he spoke of marriage when he said: “I tell you that anyone who did with his wife, with the exception of adultery and marries another woman, commits.” (Matthew 19: 9). In response, Jesus said: “If this is a situation between husband and ife, it is better not to marry.”

As such, according to Lord Jesus’s position of “divorce”, it can be included that Paul is a sign of who was loopy to Jesus and the following of scriptures. He also strictly held the commands of God. Paul had an uncommading and principal nature, which was obvenous as he did not give reason to have double standards for his audience

In poems 12-16, apostle references to different paairs. It is obvious that Paul addresses Christian couples in previous versions, but in these verses he now reports to his mother, who is married to a walk who does not believe, but also to a woman married to a husband who does not believe

There’s a new turn that Paul’s literal work on when he claim to be “me, not God.” Paul uses this style to indicate that it gives the public its opinion on the subject. In simple terms, Jesus did not teach this topic during its time on the ground. However, he said Paul, and that is why he writes about it

The apostle calls on the Christians of Corinthus who are married to non-belivers to avoid their divorce. It can be assumed that diplomacy, who do not believe in partners, are spiritual acts, since belivers must not spare in this case with non-beline. However, Paul’s position is that in this scene the divisor should not be considered as an option

According to Paul, an unsure spouse could be a baliever in Christ, and that would be a good God. This is the main reason why Paul does not enourage divority in this case. However, he does not encoURAGE the boyfriends between belivers and non-belivers. It only encohistorians Christians with non-belivers as their spears. In addition, Paul has approved their partners and their children

As an alternative, Paul clearly exits the splitting mode for such patients. Believers should not start burging/sating. They, they must support their marriage. If a person who does not believe that he is divided, the believer must release them, as it will destroy them because of this marriage

Paul says, “As you know …” as a statement, ending the section, gift hope to Christians with the wrong spouses

Paul points to the outcome leadership skills in the following order, as he has authority called on Christians to remain where they were planted in the Lord (verse 17)

Paul in this scene scores Corinthians that register of their position or condition (whether they are sealed, etc.), it is very important that they go as Christians in their lives. To a large extent helps viewers to get information about the past and to work to please God in their current states

In the verses 18-20 Paul highlights the essence of being in a state or a position that a person has entusd to himself by God

This section is very much requested by the brave Paul, because he is not apologetiquette when dealizing with control issues related to the life of Christian. When writing to Christianity, Corinf Paul noted the discrimination faced. Paul references and excision as ‘nothing’. This is simlar to what was written by Solomon in Ecclesiasste, where most things are called “of”. Paul is very hard by this manly, and he can also enchant the audence (Braxton and Brad)

Between verses 21 and 24, as INDated below, Paul emphysis the important of taking action in the past, as well as the living conditions in which the person has been placed by God

The audience is a reasoned Paul, so as not to dish the past for those who were slaves. In these verses, Paul uses the contrative style to express his point of view. He goes the audience that the old God has gone, and that God intends to use his Christians in his current situations because he has put them in such trials. The apstle makes the literal style personal, using the word ‘brothers’ in the reference to the audience. He uses a less restricted operator, and instead, he drives a dejected spirit, encooring operators

In poems that follow 25 to 35 years, Paul talks about various issues that include marriage, loneliness and virginity. Mr. Intead of using hidden proverbs, Paul opens talk about motivating all people

The apostle states that the best option for consideration is the unwoman state, because this time is suffused. However, Paul does not condemn marriage. It provides direct advice on various aspects of solitare life and family life. The field is over all areas. He also informs the audience that he is not commiting a sin. It is clear that Paul has enough time to change the typical audience’s point of view. In addition, the postle uses a colloquium style that makes it easy to think and revoke (Gordon and Dorcas)

In his meeting marks, Paul is starting to correct the possible prospects that may be taken by the Corinthians. In subsequent versts (36-40), as set out in Chapter 7, the final or final declaration of the Apostle Paul in the Corinthian are listed in Chapter 7

Clearly, it can be ended that some Christians in Corinth have been developed with unneeded ideologies associated with their relations. At the same time, Paul changes his views significantly. Thus, the literal works that he uses include include phrases such as “thinks that he must make a decision …”

Gender highlights another important that is clearly linked to the role of human being. It should be notified that Paul explains that the decision not to marry or marry a virgin must be made by the man himself. In addition, the apostle writes that the life of a man terminees the family life of a woman-a woman may only marry after the death of her husband

The floor includes this section by specifying an opinion. He points out that “In my decision …” Paul sugests that other people may express their opinion on the referendum of a woman after the death of her husband. “I think I also have the spider of God,” “I think I have the spider of God.” The views of Paul on marriage and relations can be justified by this declaration. This statement uses a comparison style

This passage has removed a number of problems of modern society. This piece cons everything about sex care, divorce, and marriage. Paul’s words are reflected in many generations. In fact, most of the conventions that arise in a modern church are solved using these scenarios. Social values, which include sexual city, virginity, loyalty and sanctity, promote this passage

In his letter, the Apostle Paul answers to many issues issues relating to marriage (1-9). In marriage, Christians should not be seen from their Christian counterparts. In accordance with the verses 10-16, when in fixed positions, people should remain in them. In poems 17-24, sitting in the world, was designed because of risky days of this time. Verses 25-35 days married people should be very careful; this must be the type of Lord (36-40)

Marriage and relations “ as an aspect is a religion to be dr. from this passage by modern Christian. This lesson should be learned by both boys and married couples, as sexual city was emphized in most passis-by. Gram was married before marriage, and had sex in marriage. It’s good for Christians at different ages of life

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